SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service experienced a short, but widespread, outage on Saturday, April 9.

Starlink Outage.jpg
– Nick Stewart | Twitter

Users of the service reported issues for as much as four hours, but the core disruption lasted 30 minutes.

"Starlink experienced a brief but significant service disruption between 0815-0845 UTC this morning," Internet outage tracker Cloudflare Radar said.

"It is visible as a sharp drop in traffic for AS14593."

Starlink last experienced a major outage in January, impacting services across the globe. It also went down for around 60-90 minutes in August 2021.

The company does not operate a network status page, making tracking and understanding outages difficult.

While the service has formally left 'Beta,' it is still a somewhat evolving and unfinished product. SpaceX has launched around around Starlink 2,110 satellites, and plans to operate a constellation of between 12,000 and 42,000 satellites.

It currently has around 250,000 subscribers.

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