Somalia's biggest telecoms operator Hormuud has claimed that the Somali militant group Al-Shabab is deliberately destroying telecoms infrastructure.

According to The East African, telecoms infrastructure has been destroyed in Galmudug, Central Somalia, in what Hormuud says is an attempt to limit communication and coordination against the terror group.

– Hormuud

The attack which happened on Monday (November 7), left 14,000 people without access to Hormuud's services.

"It’s with great sadness to inform our customers that a VBIED attack destroyed our site in Qaayib, a village in Galguduud region today. Almost 14,000 people lost access to the company's services including EVC Plus, the only payment method in the area," said the company on Twitter.

The infrastructure is reported to have been destroyed by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), wiping out the area's telecom center and the tower.

Hormuud didn't state the cost of the damage but has vowed to begin repairs and restore services.

Local reports add that the Somali Army and Galmudug State officials confirmed the militants attacked the Qaayib base using a truck bomb and that those responsible were defeated by their troops.

The government in Somalia has recently made progress against Al-Shabaab, removing the terror group from settlements it's controlled for years in central parts of the country.

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