Slovak Telekom has completed the switch-off of its 3G network.

The operator announced it has switched off the service in the final 39 districts earlier today (November 23).

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Slovak Telekom, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, started its shutdown in early October, confirming that 2,100MHz spectrum will be repurposed to support 4G and 5G services.

The shutdown of the service is ahead of schedule after initial plans to retire the network by the end of this year.

Domestic rival Orange Slovakia is also planning to call time on its 3G service by the end of this year.

The operator announced last December that it will switch off its 3G network a year ahead of schedule, after initially earmarking the switch-off for 2024.

Last week another Slovakian telco, Swan, which operates under the 4ka brand, told its customers that it will terminate its 3G service early next year.