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The power and cooling side of the containerised data center market was given a thump through the large footprint of Schneider Electric which announced a portfolio of products. 
The power modules scale in 500kW and the cooling options offer either air or water cooled deployments.   

The Power Modules are standardized and performance-tested incorporating APC Symmetra  PX UPS, APC InRow cooling, APC NetBotz security and environmental management, Square D QED switchboards, and pre-programmed power management system software. They promise power protection, equipment climate control, environmental monitoring and security configuration of output power to meet various IT load demands, real time measurements for improved planning and reporting and fully integrated power train from input to output.

EcoBreeze, which had its world-wide announcement at DatacenterDynanmics London Conference in November 2010 is a chilled air cooling module which implements adaptable cooling automatically selecting either indirect evaporative cooling or air-to-air heat exchange, depending on external environments.

The Chilled Water Cooling Module - consists of six modular high-efficient chillers, two economizers and a fully integrated pump house.

Kevin Brown, Vice President, Data Center Global Offer and Strategy, Schneider Electric, said: "The introduction of our manufactured facility modules will simplify the data center process, from concept through deployment, in a predictable time and cost-efficient manner."

Though available as standard ISO shipping containers Schneider is also offering the products in ‘multiple form factor modular buildings.’
The company lists the potential total cost of ownership savings associated with modular deployments at 18% when compared with traditional facilities. The majority of these savings come from design/field install which are estimated at 22% with energy costs also expected to be lower. Material costs, including mechanical and electrical room physical infrastructure, equipment (switchgear, UPS, panel boards, heat exchanger, chiller, pumps, filters, lighting, security management and fire suppression are 20-25% higher for the cost if the container shell and the pre assembling and integration of the systems.  
For running costs Schneider says  both power and cooling modules offer savings based on the difference of $4/watt versus $5/watt. 
The lifecycle of the facility modules now taken by the supplier include schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding/negotiation for parts, acquisition of components and manufacturing and installation the company says. 
Maximum deployment times are estimated at 34 weeks.