Schneider Electric has just announced a range of new micro data centers. Delivered in a single enclosure, they include power distribution and cooling equipment along with management software to deliver a self-contained, secure computing environment. 

“Through this new offering, Schneider Electric is addressing the latency, bandwidth and processing speed challenges customers are facing with the growth of connected devices and data applications,” said Dave Johnson, senior vice president for Data Center Solutions at Schneider Electric. “We are already seeing the emergence of edge applications in retail and industrial applications, and we believe the need for edge computing will only grow as the Internet of Things expands into commercial applications.”

On the edge

Schneider Electric’s micro data centers include the enclosure, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution, management software (DCIM), environmental monitoring, cooling and security – all tested, assembled and packaged in a factory environment.

Schneider Electric micro data centers

The range includes:

  • SmartBunker SX: traditional for IT rooms
  • SmartBunker CX: optimized for office environments
  • SmartBunker FX: ruggedized for any environment
  • SmartShelter : multi-rack, ruggedized for any environment

David Cappuccio, analyst at research firm Gartner, said, “Localized or micro data centers are a fact of life, but by applying a self-contained, scalable and remotely managed solution and process, CIOs can reduce costs, improve agility, and introduce new levels of compliance and service continuity.

“Creating micro data centers is something companies have done for years, but often in an ad hoc manner. By partnering with vendors, and creating a consistent and standardized architecture, enterprises can regain control of these critical assets, and increase the ability to rapidly introduce site-specific services, while reducing risks and operational costs, and improving service levels.”

The new micro data center solutions are available in North America and will be released globally before the end of the year. Each solution has specific options available and can be customized upon request.