Hosting provider RootBSD, which specializes in deployments based on the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) Unix version, has expanded its cloud service footprint with a new data center in Hong Kong.

Root BSD has a presence in over two dozen data centers around the world, and has added this new one in HKNet’s data center at Evergain Plaza, which is marketed as Tier II facility. HKNet is a subsidiary of NTT Com, and runs a carrier-neutral facility with Tier 1 backbone connectivity.

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Rooting for access

According to the RootBSD Hong Kong page, connectivity at its location includes access to the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) for local traffic, NTT GIN for Asia and international routes, and a fiber connection from NWT (New World Telecom) for premium access into Mainland China.

RootBSD says its access to multiple connections and the fact that it is not a reseller allows it to optimize routes and paths into the Mainland for customers with specialized requirements.

“Connectivity into Asia, and especially mainland China, is of vital importance to global businesses,” said Mark Price, CEO of RootBSD. “We are very pleased and excited to offer our customers this option through Hong Kong. They’ll be able to deploy their cloud servers through a low-latency fiber connection using the variety of *BSD they prefer.”

A report earlier this year by research firm Structure Research had pegged Hong Kong as one of the most important data center markets in the Asia-Pacific region. This was partly attributed to Hong Kong’s proximity to mainland China, which allow operators to tap into the huge China market.

Moreover, Hong Kong is also an attractive base for Chinese data center and cloud operators looking to expand to serve regional or international markets. This is due to its governance under a legal framework that puts it outside the Internet censorship enforced on the Mainland.