Infrastructure management firm Romonet is filing new patents as it hopes to overhaul its intelligence platform with machine learning algorithms.

The company aims to combine metered data, machine learning, simulation and predictive analytics in a single data center product.

– Romonet

Who needs humans?

“We have been working on advanced data handling and Machine Learning algorithms for over a year, focusing predominantly on enhancing our solution to learn and become as proficient as our human data scientists are today at identifying anomalies, and tracking down the cause behind the symptom,” said Liam Newcombe, Romonet’s co-founder and CTO.

“This capability provides powerful operational and business insight into data center systems and component level performance.”

Machine learning has become an increasingly popular area of investment for tech companies big and small, with Google announcing a dedicated research lab in Europe last month, Microsoft Ventures looking to invest in machine learning startups, and Cisco launching its own machine learning-based analytics system.

“In our case, teaching the machine is much faster as we feed it pre-cleansed and calibrated data to recognize and learn patterns, incorporate additional data from outside sources, and teach the software to suggest causes and recommended actions from previously learned results,” said Newcombe.