Rogers Communications has partnered with CableLabs North to work on technology solutions for the telcos network.

This partnership includes a plan for CableLabs to develop and deliver 5G using cable network infrastructures that will provide additional capacity for the network.

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One aim of the partnership is to deliver speeds of 10Gbps, around 10 times faster than average Internet speeds today. Such multi-gigabit speeds will enable enhanced reliability and ultra-low latency, claims Rogers.

Rogers said that it will host the facility in Calgary at its Barlow campus.

The company claims that the partnership will "deliver a more seamless experience to Canadians.”

Rogers has more than 11.3 million subscribers in Canada and is the second-biggest telco in the country after its buyout of Shaw Communications was completed last year, following a series of regulatory concerns over the impact on competition.

It was reported last month that Rogers is looking to sell most of its data centers in a bid to reduce its debts. Rogers took on significant debt as part of its acquisition of Shaw for C$20 billion ($14.7bn), which went through in March 2023.

Colorado-based CableLabs develops cable technology for a number of customers, including Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, and Vodafone.