K2 Data Centres is planning two three-story data centers in Ballycoolin in Northwest Dublin, The Times reports.

The newspaper reports that the company plans to invest hundreds of millions of euros in the two facilities and intends to develop a hyperscale campus in Dublin.

Ballycoolin is home to a business and technology park which is just 12 kilometers from Dublin city center. Back in 2017, Singaporean Keppel DC REIT bought local operator Dataplex’s B10 facility on the Ballycoolin site for €66 million ($74.6m).

K2, which already has a data center on the Ballycoolin site, is a subsidiary of the Kouk Group, a Malaysian/Singaporean multi-national conglomerate that operates in a broad range of sectors including maritime shipping, hospitality, cinemas, property as well as food and agriculture.

Industrial units on the Ballycoolin site would need to be demolished first before K2 can begin to build the two 312,000 square foot data centers. The plans also include building 32 emergency generators, a two-story office and parking space for 160 cars.

K2’s plans are still awaiting approval from the Fingal County Council. Another data center planning application has been submitted to the same council from MIK Developments LLC, a US-based company.

Similarly, MIK’s project would involve two facilities of 233,500 sq ft each with 48 emergency generators. Planning documents (download link) also show that the facilities will be no taller than 72 foot with solar panels on the roofs of both buildings as well as a diesel storage tank for power backup.