A person fell 40 feet from a cell tower last night (May 15) after being electrocuted while climbing the structure in Portland, Oregon.

As reported by Fox 12 Oregon, the unidentified person fell into bushes after climbing a steel powerline tower at the Sellwood Riverfront Park, according to Portland Fire & Rescue. They survived the incident.

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Portland General Electric (PGE) said that the line at the top of the tower was a 57,000-volt powerline.

A witness noted that the person was attempting to take a selfie when they fell, while another witness told dispatchers they heard a ‘transformer blow’ and saw a person fall to the ground.

Incredibly, the person was conscious and breathing after the fall and was supported by an off-duty paramedic.

The person was even able to walk a short distance to the ambulance, before being taken to a trauma center for further treatment.

It's not yet known whether the person had made contact with the powerline or if the powerline arced and caused the electrocution.

During the incident, a separate, lower-voltage powerline also detached from the tower and fell to the ground across the train tracks.

The scene was secured by the fire crew, while PGE ensured all lines associated with the tower were de-energized.