Data center firm OVHcloud has launched a new facility in Mumbai, India.

The company announced the launch this week but didn’t provide details about the location or facility specifications.

– OVHcloud

The facility utilizes OVHcloud’s proprietary water cooling technology, which the company said was adapting to meet the region’s tropical conditions.

“Since the expansion of our presence in the Asia Pacific market, the region has experienced phenomenal growth in its digital economy. India, Singapore, and Australia remain critical markets that are driving this growth from a business transformation and digital innovation perspective,” said OVH CEO Michel Paulin. “Data sovereignty and sustainability will continue to be key priorities that have to be balanced with rapidly increasing digital needs.”

At the December launch of its SBG5 facility in Strasbourg, France, OVH announced plans to open 15 more sites by 2024. The company said it is planning to launch data centers in Singapore and Sydney by next year.

“Already one of our top-performing markets in the APAC region, India continues to demonstrate remarkable potential for business growth. The strategic deployment of our first data center in India is a firm testimony to that potential, and an affirmation of our commitment to customers and partners here,” said Terry Maiolo, VP and general manager, APAC, OVHcloud.

“Our new generation of data centers, coupled with enhanced compute and scalable storage capabilities, will elevate our ability to provide customers in India and the region with high-performance cloud solutions that have optimized and predictable price-performance ratios, even as their needs evolve.”

OVH has data centers in operation and under construction in France, Canada, the US, Australia, Germany, Poland, the UK, and Singapore.

As well as Singapore and Australia, the December announcement included plans for a tenth data center (RBX10) at its Roubaix campus, a new availability zone with three data centers in Paris, a new data center (GRA4) in Gravelines, a fourth data center (LIM4) at its Lumburg site in Germany, a ninth facility (BHS9) in Beauharnois in Canada, and a new data center in Toronto.

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