Oracle is building up a new team dedicated to managing its cloud infrastructure.

In a job listing first spotted by the Reg, the company is creating an ‘Infrastructure Delivery Engineering’ team dedicated to hardware lifecycle management.

“We are forming a new Infrastructure Delivery Engineering org at OCI. The OCI Infrastructure Delivery Engineering team will be responsible for building services and tools to accelerate the process by which OCI grows its compute and network capacity,” notes one recent job listing from the company.

“The service will address all aspects of the data center and its physical assets lifecycle from planning and design, to delivery and, eventually, decommissioning, enabling OCI to continue to grow its footprint in both existing regions and to entirely new regions. Our goal is to scale up the process to be able to meet high capacity demands from our large and hyperscale customers.”

The listing, for a senior member of technical staff, is seeking experienced senior software engineers wanting to “tackle new challenges” in designing, implementing, and maintaining highly available and scalable services for managing physical assets throughout their lifecycle.

The Reg noted more than 30 ads for roles within the Infrastructure Delivery Engineering team.