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Pivotal has expanded its Cloud Foundry team with its recent appointment of Joshua McKenty as its Field CTO.

McKenty has two decades of industry experience including being a co-founder of open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack. He is also a founder of Piston Cloud Computing and founding technical architect of NASA Nebula, the Federal Government’s first cloud computing platform and later became OpenStack’s foundation.

In a blog post on the Piston website McKenty announced his departure. Highlighting how the company has grown from a ‘fledging startup’ to the ‘real business’ it is now in four years.

Last year Piston received US$8m in Series B funding from existing and new investors including Cisco, Swisscom Ventures and Data Collective.

“We have raised almost US$20m, grown the team 15x, and grown sales over 1000x,” McKenty said in the post.

Writing about his new role as Field CTO for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal McKenty said “I will be pursuing my lifelong vision of a global, open source computing platform that’s powerful enough for the Fortune 50, and easy enough for a 6-year old.”

McKenty will work closely with Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry team to drive new features and functionality to the platform. 

“I’m deeply honored to have worked with the staff at Piston and the entire OpenStack community, in what has been a very significant journey,” McKenty said.

“I’m also extremely excited to take what is by all measures a natural and equally significant step in joining a company as visionary as Pivotal. I believe Cloud Foundry will become as boring (which is to say, fundamentally ubiquitous) as IaaS, as the software platform for modern app development, and I’m delighted to be part of that.”

Today is McKenty’s last day at Piston.