Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite firm OneWeb is partnering with Eurasian telco Veon.

At MWC this week, the satellite company announced a partnership with Veon group to ‘provide extended mobile Internet connectivity and digital services in emerging markets.’

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– OneWeb

The deal with support Veon’s 4G coverage and aim to close digital divides in the markets the telco operates in, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, and Bangladesh.

“We have always stated that our focus is ‘4G for all’ and that mobile communication is an essential service. Our partnership with OneWeb enables us to ensure that the continuity of this essential service can be secured everywhere, providing access to seamless connectivity and digital services, supporting resilience, and enabling growth," said Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of Veon Group. “We are excited to explore the possibilities this partnership will bring, from emergency connectivity in disaster response to enabling economic activity in remote regions, and to serving rural areas with mobile education, healthcare, and financial services, complementing terrestrial connectivity.”

Neil Masterson, CEO of OneWeb, added: “OneWeb and Veon have a shared mission: to expand reliable, affordable, and high-speed connectivity services to the places that need it most. With this partnership we can support the development of telecoms and digital infrastructure in emerging markets, working with Veon to ensure the essential roll-out of mobile connectivity.”

Originally founded in Russia, Veon is now headquartered in the Netherlands and is in the process of selling its Russian operations to local management. It mainly operates through its Beeline and Jazz brands.

Intelsat & OneWeb partner with Sure in Falklands

OneWeb, which is currently undergoing a merger with Eutelsat, is joining the geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellite firm in providing connectivity to British Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Intelsat this week announced telco Sure, which operates on the Falkland Islands, Saint Helena, and Ascension Island, is using Intelsat’s AgileCore UX trunking service to expand and deliver improved 4G connectivity, broadband, and public WiFi, for residents and supporting connectivity for military and government operations.

Intelsat added that its service in the Falklands also has the capability to combine capacity from both Intelsat GEO satellites and OneWeb low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, allowing Sure to ‘deliver added levels of network resiliency and performance.’

“We continually seek to improve the quality of the communications we provide,” said Justin McPhee, chief executive of Sure Falkland Islands. “The efficiency and scale of Intelsat’s network provides us with the best means to serve these multiple customer sets separated by vast distances. The addition of a multi-orbit solution will help us meet our customers’ exacting requirements and enable users to become efficient in their jobs and stay in touch with the rest of the world.”

Carole Plessy, VP, maritime and Europe at OneWeb, added: “We are excited to support connectivity for some of the most remote communities on the planet through our partnership with Intelsat.”

marica brazil oneweb telespazio ground station.png
– OneWeb

OneWeb inaugurates Brazil satellite gateway

In Brazil, OneWeb this week inaugurated its new satellite network portal at Telespazio’s teleport in Maricá, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Construction began on the ground station last year in partnership with Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo and Thales and one of OneWeb’s distribution partners in Brazil.

The site will be activated in the second quarter of 2023; it is one of two gateways in Brazil, and one of seven across Latin America

Christopher Casarrubias, head of regulatory and government affairs at OneWeb, said: “We are delighted to take our longstanding relationship with Telespazio to the next phase with the completion of this satellite gateway in Brazil. This gateway will be one of the most advanced in Latin America and help to bring reliable connectivity to Brazilian communities and customers across the country.”

Marzio Laurenti, CEO of Telespazio Brasil, added: “The OneWeb gateway in our teleport in Marica is another very important achievement of the partnership between Telespazio and OneWeb. And now we are looking forward to the starting of the OneWeb services soon throughout Brazil.”

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