Bermudan telco One Communications (OneComm) has launched the country's first 5G network.

OneComm beat Paradise Mobile, which announced on November 22 that its own 5G network will launch imminently.

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OneComm's 5G launch has kicked off in the country's capital, Hamilton.

The operator stated that it will "invest millions" in the technology, as it rolls out 5G across the island.

"Echoing the successful 4G LTE launch in 2016, the first phase of ultra-fast 5G performance will begin in Hamilton, and up to 75 percent of island coverage is 5G ready," the company said in a statement.

"5G performance will continue to expand throughout the island in a phased approach based on capacity and traffic requirements."

Paradise Mobile, which first launched its mobile network in Bermuda this year, said that its 5G network will launch in "the next ten days" in its statement last week.

According to its website, its 5G network is in public beta through to December 31, with Mavenir Telecom its 4G and 5G network partner.

The operator was co-founded in 2019 by Sam Tabbara, formerly of Bell Canada, to compete with Digicel and One Communications.