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UK-based online retailer has completed its hybrid cloud model with the adoption of Rackspace Private Cloud. is an online retailer that provides creative small businesses a platform from which to sell their products.

In the past year the e-commerce site has generated transactions in excess of £83m. will use Rackspace’s Private Cloud to run the bulk of its applications, allowing the business flexibility to scale.

The e-commerce site already uses Rackspace’s Public Cloud to handle peak activity at busy times of the year including Christmas and Mothers and Fathers days. said this hybrid cloud model means not only that customers using the site continue to have a great and seamless experience, but the business is now able to deploy all its internal systems as services.

It said this provides the ideal balance of speed, security and flexibility when scaling operations up or down, without any investment in new IT infrastructures.

Rackspace will manage’s computing, storage, networks and operating system and will also provide support services for complex tools and application stacks.

With Rackspace managing its Hybrid Cloud portfolio, said its IT department has been able to have a greater focus on strategic activities, such as DevOps and new service deployment, to help the company manage its growth and expansion.’s IT director Yoann Martin said using Rackspace allows the company to tailor things to suit its business aims.

“Rackspace eliminates the pain of having to do it all ourselves and means our technical talent can focus on doing what they do best – building our business.”