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Vancouver-based data center services provider Peer 1 has launched a public Cloud division called Zunicore. The division's Cloud service offers customizable resource pools and automatic scaling.

Peer 1's Cloud billing system is called FairPlay, which the company says guarantees that customers pay only for what they use, without ever getting locked into long-term contracts. Cirracore, provider of Cloud hosting services, has joined the Telx Cloud Xchange, which gives it access to Telx's colocation customers in the Atlanta market. Cirracore offers a turn-key hosted Cloud solution for enterprises.

The deal also gives Cirracore the ability to market its services to Telx's customer base at its data centers in nine US cities. Software developer Golden Frog has leased space at Data Foundry's Texas 1 data center to host its Cloud storage service called Dump Truck. The online service allows users to store documents, photos and files. Colo VoIP services provider VoicePulse has taken space at a Telx data center in San Francisco. According to Telx, the deal will result in a wider choice of network connectivity and better sound audio quality for the provider's residential, wholesale and carrier customers.

Having its infrastructure deployed at Telx enables VoicePulse to provision new carrier connections in a few hours as opposed to several days or weeks.

The company can also create partnerships with carriers at the Telx facility who can provide low network latency. Connectivity Data center services provider zColo is now supporting a PCCW Point of Presence (PoP) at its data center at 111 8th Avenue in New York City – one of the world's biggest carrier and data center hotels, now owned by Google.

PCCW Global is a subsidiary of the major Hong Kong telco PCCW Limited. zColo will be providing space and power for the PoP, as well as facilitate PCCW's interconnection to other carriers and customers in the facility. Related Stories Telx partners with Hexagrid to offer private Cloud zColo signs with CENX for extra carrier capacity PEER 1 to accelerate a European cloud