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Provident Financial has outsourced its data centre with Node4.

The company is a UK provider of personal credit products. Located in the north of England it used the move of its Bradford headquarters as an opportunity to reassess its IT infrastructure and decided to relocate its data centre, which was formerly on site.

The deal extends an existing relationship.

Node4 supplied space across two separate sites and the wide area network connecting the two data centres. The service includes ‘remote hands’ where its technical team can carry out minor jobs on Provident Financial’s behalf so frequent trips to the data center aren’t necessary.

Andrew Clark, IT Transition Manager at Provident Financial, said, “Our original head office had a data centre in it that had grown organically. It wasn’t a purpose-built environment as such and there were a number of issues that arose as a result. We looked at building our own data centre within our new head office but there were a number of constraints such as space, power and cost. Being a data centre provider or builder isn’t our core competence. That’s what led us to go out and do an ITT to have a look at the market and ultimately we decided to work with Node4 for the project.

Further South content storage management outfit Front Porch Digital selected Equinix to house its LYNX cloud solution platform within the London International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

Front Porch Digital specializes in video archive, migration and online video publishing, working for high profile media brands.

“We chose to move our solutions into Equinix’s LD5 data center as it provides the right resources in the right location,” said Front Porch Digital president and CEO Mike Knaisch. “Our LYNX  platform is the first enterprise CSM solution in the content and digital media industry to embrace the cloud.”

Dick Theunissen, chief marketing officer, Equinix Europe said: “Our Equinix data centers give Front Porch Digital the capacity, flexibility and network connectivity it needs for its fast growing data-rich media content. With Platform Equinix, Front Porch Digital can drive its business forward with global access to more than 4,000 businesses including broadcasters, video platforms and other media companies, throughout the Equinix Marketplace.”