British data center operator Netwise Hosting now runs its main facility on 100 percent green energy, directly provisioned by Gloucestershire-based Ecotricity.

The Old Jamaica Road data center came online in May 2015; it has two data halls totaling 6,000 sq ft of white space, housing 200 racks, with a PUE of 1.12 – without accounting for its transition to renewable energy.

Greener than green

Netwise Hosting
– Netwise Hosting

The company states that by dealing with Ecotricity, it deliberately avoided carbon credits and offset schemes, allowing it to remain in control of as much of the service chain as possible.

Although this is commendable, and the company is right to point out data centers’ monolithic levels of energy use, it is worth noting that even by purchasing renewables in an indirect form, it is possible and even likely that operators are affecting investment and policy towards greener energy consumption. 

Ecotricity operates 16 of its own wind parks across the UK, as well as a solar farm and wave energy converters.