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Net Access, a New Jersey provider of internet access and data center services, has opened a new data center in its home state. The company said its new facility was built using environmentally friendly building materials and current energy efficiency technologies.

The 50,000-sq-ft data center is located in Parsippany. It provides power densities of up to 20kW per cabinet. The company charges its customers based on a metered-power billing model, where customers pay only for the amount of power they use.

Net Access CTO and co-founder Alex Rubenstein said the facility used cutting-edge cooling technologies. "This is part of what helps us offer one of the highest power-density [capabilities] available in the region.

"It also provides a quieter, more comfortable environment for our customers while also being environmentally friendly," Rubenstein added. "We're pleased to be able to provide a more sustainable foundation for customers to build their IT infrastructure on."

The data center's electrical infrastructure was built to an N+1 level of redundancy. The two power systems are fully isolated from each other, housed in two separate rooms on opposite sides of the single-story building.

This is the company's second data center in Parsippany. It also operates another 50,000-sq-ft facility in its home town of Cedar Knolls.