Dutch critical infrastructure specialist Minkels has launched a range of wall-mounted LED light fixtures specifically designed for data centers that rely on hot or cold aisle containment.

Minkels’ LED Tubes offer high luminosity, reaching 335 LUX, and their size and length make them a perfect fit for typical data center corridor layouts. The tubes can be equipped with optional motion sensors to conserve energy.

Minkels LED Tube
LED Tubes in action – Minkels


Minkels is a subsidiary of French industrial giant Legrand, having been acquired as part of Aegide in 2012.The company’s products including racks and cabinets, sensors, power distribution and cooling equipment.

The LED Tubes have been designed in accordance with European standard EN12464-1 that governs lighting of workplaces.

They feature magnetic fittings for ease of installation, and are compatible with a variety of aisle containment solutions including Minkels Next Generation Corridors and Minkels Free Standing Corridors.

The company hopes that these lights will be used to create a safer, healthier working environment for data center professionals.