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Kio Networks of Mexico has won the first CEEDA certifications for energy efficient data centers in Latin America. 

The Mexican service provider won Gold and Silver plaques for two of its data centers, uncdr the Certified Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Award (CEEDA) program. They were presented at a ceremony in Mexico City in February. where Kio’s director of data center infrastructure, Dax Simpson, said that the awards would allow Kio to demonstrate availability, efficiency and customer value.

CEEDA awards for Kio Mexico
Dax Simpson, director of data center infrastructure, and Miguel Ramos, director of facilities operations, at Kio Networks – DCD

Efficiency concerns 

“Kio Networks is very concerned with efficiency issues,” said Simpson (left) “Where many talk about it, we decided to act.“

CEEDA is an international, vendor-independent scheme to audit and certify energy efficiency practices in data centers, backed with inspections by independent analysts. It began in the UK, but has begun to find favour in other countries, with Asia’s first CEEDA certification going to CLP Power in Hong Kong.

As well as recognizing existing achievements, a CEEDA certification provides an action plan to continue improving environmental performance and efficiency.

Kio received a Gold plaque for the Kio 5/6 facility in Sante Fe, while DataPark Tultitlán, Phases 1 and 2, run by Kio subsidiary redIT, received a Silver award.  The plaques were presented by José Friebel, CEO of DatacenterDynamics Latin America.

The service provider won the awards on its first attempt, and was one of the fastest to ever complete the process. 

“Kio was brave to enter a new certification,” said José Friebel, adding that the result demonstrated not just the efficiency of Kio’s data centers, but also the strength of its corporate social responsibility.  

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