A new data center financed largely by the EU will support an upgrade of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM)’s communications network.

The site’s construction provides the infrastructure improvement necessary to operate the AFM’s microwave link communications network across Malta and the island of Gozo. The building hosts information systems, and the radio network upgrade bolsters the organization’s surveillance and border operations.

doi clodagh farrugia oneill
Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela at the center’s inauguration – DOI/ Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill/ MaltaToday

Operational importance

The new center hosted at Luqa Barracks was inaugurated on Sunday, May 30.

It was partially funded through the EU’s General Programme for Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows (2007-2013), with a co-financing rate of 75 percent EU funds to 25 percent of Maltese national funds.

Carmelo Abela, Malta’s Minister for Home Affairs, said at the facility’s inauguration ceremony that the AFM’s 15-year-old microwave link network had become obsolete because it lacked proper hosting facilities for IT equipment.

“Communications information system facilities constitute an important component in modern military operations, as they provide secure voice and data communication among various AFM assets,” he said.

Mr Abela said the improvements to the nation’s IT infrastructure provide a platform to develop improved data protection within AFM.