Immersion cooling company LiquidStack has launched two prefabricated modular cooling solutions for Edge applications.

– LiquidStack

Called the MicroModular and MegaModular, the former contains a single 48U DataTank, while the latter can hold up to six 48U DataTanks. The products can offer between 250kW to 1.5MW of IT capacity with a PUE of 1.02.

MicroModular and Mega Modular are designed specifically for AI and advanced cloud computing applications.

The modular offering was designed alongside Trane Technologies, an HVAC solutions company that invested in LiquidStack in March 2023. Both new products come with Trane's heat rejection and reuse technology.

“As demand for AI escalates, higher compute densities are emerging. This combined with an increase in demand for AI at the Edge makes liquid immersion cooling attractive. Traditional air-cooling doesn’t scale well in prefabricated data centers and has much lower thermal conductivity than liquid,” said Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack.

“Recognizing this, we made our best-in-class liquid cooling technology available in modular form factors. Our MicroModular and MegaModular prefabricated modular products are the fastest and least disruptive way to adopt liquid cooling for AI and Edge.”

The solutions are available to order and will be shipped in January 2024.