Indonesian broadband provider Link Net has launched a new data center in Surabaya, in east Java.

The company this week announced the company, in partnership with Chinese telco ZTE, has completed upgrading data center facilities in Jakarta and building a new data center in Surabaya.

Link Ne  ZTE Data-Center-01
– Link Net

President, director, and CEO of PT Link Net Tbk, Marlo Budiman said: "The construction of a new data center in Surabaya, as well as the inauguration of Link Net's new office, is an important moment in the journey of transforming Link Net's residential broadband business into Fiber Co. With the presence of two data centers in different regions, we are focused on increasing the reliability of the FTTH network, thereby ensuring smooth connectivity and optimal distribution of Internet services and video content to customers."

Both data centers are TIA942-A Rate 2+ certified with a total capacity of 300 racks.

Director of engineering and services PT ZTE Indonesia, Li Jixin said: "By using a modular concept, these two data centers can effectively save costs, processing time, and energy consumption. We are happy to collaborate again with Link Net in building a data center in Jakarta and Surabaya, which aims to strengthen telecommunications infrastructure and encourage digital growth in Indonesia.”

"By leveraging our expertise in telecommunications and Link Net's strong presence in the market, we are ready to provide data centers with the latest technology that effectively meet the increasing need for digital connectivity in Surabaya and Jakarta," added Li Jixin.

Director & chief technology officer of PT Link Net Tbk, Edward Sanusi added, "Through our partnership with ZTE, we ensure that both data centers meet industry quality standards. Link Net's data center is ready to provide superior performance with a high level of security and reliability."

Founded in 1996, Link Net is part of Axiata Group, offering broadband services.