Live from Norway on May 10 2017 - at 12.30 CET

The Lefdal Mine Datacenter, planned to be Europe’s largest data center, officially opens tomorrow (10 May) at 12.30 Central European Time (CET), and you will be able to watch the ceremony live on this page.

The Lefdal Mine Datacenter was built on the site of an old mineral mine in the Sogn og Fjordane region between the west Norwegian ports of Måløy and Nordfjordeid. The facility has 120,000 square meters (1,291,669 sq ft) of white space and 200MW+ of power potentially available, but the first phase of the facility is set on the third level of the mine, with 45MW of cooling available.

To mark the opening, executives from Lefdal Mine Datacenter and its partners IBM and Rittal will give speeches, as will Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy. From 11.30 CET on Wednesday 10 May, the video should be embedded in this page. A direct link to the webcast site is here.