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DEAC, a Baltic-based distributor and data center operator, has opened a facility in the Latvian capital of Riga. The firm is the owner of the existing data centre "Grizinkalns" and has added capacity capable of hosting up to 8,400 servers in the collocation site which is 600 sq mt in size at Maskavas Street 459.

It will target 'large foreign clients.'

The site claims 'a modern automatic control system installed that controls the microclimate in server premises, the electric power supply sources, as well as other processes. An uninterrupted and safe working of the data centre is ensured by two independent power supply sources and duplicated cooling devices.'

DEAC clients include Telefonica, The Bank of Latvia, The Western Bank, the Danske Bank,,, DEPO, Seesam Latvia, TV3 Latvia, The Baltic Times etc.

The Latvian Minister of Regional Development and Local Government Affairs Edgars Zalans took part in the opening of the data centre. "This project is a big step in the promotion of competitive capacity of the Latvian information technologies, and, in my opinion, it will also facilitate the development of partnership between the public and private spheres in the IT field."

The CEO of DEAC Andris Gailitis talked about new export possibilities in his speech, specifying that up to 50% of the new data centre capacity could be used for export.

"It is important that the organizations from other countries would use our services, however it is also important that our own organizations wouldn't be forced to employ data centres in other countries, as it still often happens," he said.

DEAC" is also a distributor for DELL in Latvia, as well as an EMC, Microsoft, VMware, APC and Doclogix reseller.