Kinetic Seas Inc., formerly known as Bellatora Inc., has completed the first phase of its artificial intelligence (AI) data center in Oak Brook, Illinois.

This has involved deploying the hardware for AI workloads in DataBank's ORD4 data center.

ORD4_DC DataBank
– DataBank

The goal of phase one was to provide high-speed GPU and CPU resources for its clients, educational programs, and internal product development.

According to the company, the data center has a wide range of Nvidia-based GPU compute resources, as well as 10GBps of Internet Connectivity.

Kinetic Seas has its own virtualization technology for infrastructure consulting clients, enabling clients to build AI-enabled environments. The platform is based on the Promox open-source virtualization platform.

The virtualization technology enables users to provision GPU and CPU resources without migrating across hosts.

Kinetic Seas is currently using its platform to fine-tune large language models.

Previously known as Bellatora, Kinetic Seas changed its name in 2024 and moved its headquarters to Schaumburg Corporate Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. The company provides AI consulting and infrastructure solutions.

DataBank's ORD4 data center spans 77,000 sq ft (7,154 sqm) and has 8.75MW of critical power. In April 2024, the company secured a $725m credit facility. At the time, Kevin Ooley, president and CFO said: "New and emerging AI applications have created unprecedented demand for DataBank's data center capacity."