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ISWest, a full-service Internet technology company has opened the most technologically advanced 6,000 square foot datacenter in Southern California.
Powered by two 600kW 13-foot-tall power-house back-up generators, the facility also boasts ultimate high security facility with biometric palm scanner and vault door.
"Over the years ISWest has earned the reputation as being the Cadillac of Internet Providers. I see this new state-of-the-art datacenter as the next step in ISWest's business life cycle," states Drew J. Kaplan, CEO/CFO, ISWest. "Our new datacenter is located 30 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and is the only datacenter not sitting on the San Andreas Fault, strategically positioned to take advantage of the businesses that are located along the 101 corridor. It's inevitable that one day, Los Angeles will experience a destructive earthquake or terrorist attack. Businesses have to ask themselves, how that could affect their data storage and communications," explains Kaplan.
ISWest's new datacenter is also taking a 'green' turn staying on board with today's cutting-edge environmentally conscious business practices. "Our proclamation of 'state-of-the-art' is driven not only by our incorporation of green facility architecture such as lighting motion sensors and top quality insulation to reduce the burden on our HVAC units, but also the newest, most efficient measures to maximize the functionality of our networking, environmental, and security systems," states Scott Youngs, ISWest director of operations. "We actually painted the walls black to absorb the heat generated by our customers' equipment, and our Blue LED lighting only consumes 8W of power and lights our pathways in the datacenter," adds Kaplan.
Aside from the 'green' aspects ISWest has taken on, they've also gone to great lengths to make sure there is no 'virtual global warming' affecting their customers' equipment systems with independently operated power systems, featuring multiple power feeds, which run alternately from two different power sources.