Digital Realty's Interxion is leasing an additional 12,000 sqm (129,000 sq ft) in Düsseldorf to expand its data center footprint in the German city.

Interxion Deutschland GmbH has leased the additional space in the property it already occupies on In der Steele 27-43 in west Germany for 20 years from European real estate firm Aroundtown.

Dusseldorf  interXion.jpg
– Aroundtown SA

Aroundtown said the Digital Realty subsidiary will use the additional space for the expansion of its data centers.

The property consists of several building sections with just over 38,000 sq m (409,000 sq ft) of office and storage space.

According to Interxion, its Düsseldorf data center has more than 4,500 sq m (48,400 sq ft) of equipped space, and more than 10,000 sqm (107,600 sq ft) of additional shell and core space. The facility also houses the infrastructure of the ECIX and DE-CIX Internet exchanges.

Based in Luxembourg and acquired by TLG Immobilien last year, Aroundtown invests in commercial and residential properties in central locations in European cities, primarily in Germany and the Netherlands.

This year Interxion has broken ground on new facilities in Marseilles, France, and Brussels, Belgium.

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