IBM has added Nvidia’s V100 GPU to its cloud platform, giving users access to the chip company’s most advanced GPU available.

As of today, IBM Cloud customers can equip individual bare metal servers with up to two Nvidia Tesla V100 PCIe GPUs, along with a range of other Nvidia GPUs including the P100, K80 and M60. The bare metal servers were previously marketed under Bluemix, but last November the company merged all of its cloud services under a single banner, IBM Cloud.

Start deep learning

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– Sebastian Moss

“Whether they are accelerating drug discovery or creating virtual personal assistants that converse naturally, data scientists are using our GPU computing platform in the cloud to solve complex problems that were once unsolveable,” Ian Buck, VP and GM of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia, said.

“The new IBM Cloud offerings based on our Volta technology provide incredible processing speeds and the ability to scale up or down on demand for HPC and deep learning.”

Nvidia claims V100 GPUs offer five times more performance than the P100. The accelerator has already found success with AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as among Chinese cloud operators, with Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu all announcing they would use Volta last September.

“AI is the most important technology development of our time, with the greatest potential to help society,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said at the time.

“As the world’s leading cloud providers deploy the world’s best AI platform, with Volta GPUs and Nvidia software, we’ll see amazing breakthroughs in medicine, autonomous transportation, precision manufacturing and much more.”