Hyve Managed Hosting is rolling out a managed hypervisor service, allowing customers to run virtual machines on shared hardware within the company’s data centers, while enjoying the benefits typically associated with dedicated servers.

The UK-based managed hosting provider, responsible for DCD’s favorite April Fool’s prank, said the service is the first of its kind: previously, customers had to buy dedicated hardware to run a private cloud, meaning that they weren’t able to share the cost with other users; with Hyve's Virtual Private Cloud, they can access their dedicated virtual machines, networks and security services, with the added cost benefits of sharing the underlying infrastructure.


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– Hyve Managed Hosting/Facebook

Hyve customer and CEO of Storytelling Software, Sergei Prokopenko, said: "Hyve’s Nested Hypervisor provides us with a sandboxed environment that gives us the freedom to develop and test our API calls to the ESXi host, without risking the live environment or the servers within.

“We are able to develop at a fraction of the cost, as we no longer need to purchase the hardware to run hypervisor services.”

Hyve director Jake Madders added: “We have developed what is effectively the industry’s first virtual, virtual cloud environment.”

“It will offer users a whole range of new options and benefits, not least the ability to save on the hardware and support costs of a traditional private cloud environment. We are excited to bring this innovation to market.”

Along with the managed solution, Hyve will offer advisory and support services.