NodePrime, based in San Francisco, has gathered $7 million seed capital to fund a bid to be the manager of hyperscale data centers.

The company aims to offer the kind of infrastructure management used by the likes of Google and Facebook, but on commodity hardware. It already has GoDaddy, Ericsson and SAP as customers and/or investors, and promises to handle existing infrastructure and extend to much larger numbers of servers than technology like Kunbernetes and Mesosphere.

– Nodeprime

Management and discovery

Like all similar initiatives, NodePrime starts with discovery and configuration of what is out there, using the NodePrime Platform to map all the servers in a data center automatically, and  then promises to actually manage the infrastructure.

NodePrime isn’t saying much about how it works at this stage, with a product page that brandishes all the right terms including advanced machine learning techniques and out-of-band data collection, promising a light-weight set of tools and interfaces to manage the whole thing, making things substantially easier for IT staff. 

NodePrime has two lead founders: Alex Moore, of data analysis firm Palantir, and James Malachowski, previously at Cisco and Dell. 

The company promises to manage hundres of thousands of servers supporting virtualized containerized workloads.