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Huawei, the Chinese networking and telco equipment giant, has launched a containerized data center product. The IDS1000A is an all-in-one data center solution inside an ISO-standard 40ft or 20ft container. 

The 40ft version fits eight IT cabinets and supplies 60kW of IT power. The 120kVA modular uninterrupted power supply (UPS) provides 10 minutes of backup time. The air conditioning system supplies cold air to the IT equipment horizontally. The 20ft container supports four racks with 30kW of power, backed up by 60kVA rack-mounted UPS.

The 20ft version of Huawei's newest IDS1000A data center container
The 20ft version of Huawei’s newest IDS1000A data center container

Harsh environments

Both versions of the product are designed to operate in harsh environments, able to handle outside temperature range of -40C to 55C.

This is one model in a series of Huawei’s IDS1000-series container solutions. The company has sold other containers in the series to a number of clients around the world.

Guatemalan telco MIC has used the solution to build its cloud infrastructure. The University of Lome in Togo has also deployed a Huawei container.

Other customers include Russian retainer Megapolis, the government of Ghana, a Venezuelan TV station, a Brazilian oil company, a Brazilian university and a Chinese mobile carrier.

Huawei itself has used the containers to build its virtual desktop infrastructure service.