The open source Linux-based network operating system (NOS) OpenSwitch is becoming a Linux Foundation project, the non-profit consortium has announced.

OpenSwitch was originally created by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Accton, Arista Networks, Broadcom and VMware, and enables companies to power enterprise-grade switches from multiple hardware vendors. By being open, the NOS avoids the compatibility and licensing issues that can arise in proprietary systems.

Liniux container
Linux container –

Line up for Linux

“OpenSwitch brings another important ingredient of the open networking stack to the Linux Foundation. We’re looking forward to working with this community to advance networking across the enterprise,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. The Foundation also looks after other popular open source projects such as Cloud Foundry, OpenDaylight and Zen.

Dominic Wilde, VP and GM of HPE’s data center networking business unit, explained the switch: “Transitioning OpenSwitch to the Linux Foundation is a major step forward and testament to the maturity of OpenSwitch and realizing the promise of creating stable and agile network infrastructures that can adapt to changing business requirements.

“As a catalyst in creating the source code, HPE will continue to actively participate in the OpenSwitch community to help make OpenSwitch the leading open source data center network operating system and the choice for demanding cloud data center business applications.”

OpenSwitch is interoperable with other open source tech, including OpenStack, Ansible, Broadcom Broadview, Grommit, LLDPD, P4, OpenVSwitch, and Quagga.

Today’s news is just one of many pointing towards the increasing importance of open source technology.