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HP has opened a 1,000 sq mt facility outside Santiago, Chile.

The facility is located in the town of Paine, 40 km from Santiago.

The building will provide data center services for firms looking to maximise return on investment in technology and reduce operational risk. The data center design is earthquake-proof with secure communications and energy for business continuity clients, the company said.

Edgar Witt, general manager of HP Chile, said: “We are always looking for ways to help the environment and that is why, in line with our vision of sustainability in business, we have developed technologies that help reduce carbon footprint of our products.”

The location of the data center in Paine, 40 kilometers from Santiago, enables compliance with national and international regulatory standards regarding safety. Witt said that this investment is a milestone that could potentially set a trend in terms of opening and installation other non-agricultural enterprises associated with the provision of services.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Mendoza, manager of HP Enterprise Services for the Southern Andean region, Mexico and Caribbean, said: “The data center of Paine is a unique construction of its kind and meets the highest standards of engineering and design”.

“Our proposal service enables businesses and organizations to respond flexibly to the dynamic demands of the marketplace in a world where everything is connected and the requirements of consumers and citizens need to be answered in real time,” he said.

Mendoza continued: “We enable our customers not to think about the technology, but about what they can do with it. “

“The construction is, so far, one of the largest investments in technology implemented in the country’s history. This huge investment from Chile provides access to the global network of data centers HP, giving companies in Chile and abroad the opportunity to operate world class standards”, said Witt.