Construction project management firm HanmiGlobal has signed a memorandum of understanding with IT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise to promote data center services in South Korea.

The two companies will together offer services to help build data centers for other companies.

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– Naver

HanmiGlobal was the project manager for data centers built by Naver and LG Electronics.

The company will provide project management services, while Hewlett Packard Enterprise will offer the technology and consultations needed to build the centers, The Korea Herald reports.

“We are very happy to partner with HPE, the leading provider of cloud technology infrastructures,” said Lee Sang-ho, president of HanmiGlobal.

“The two companies hope to contribute to mutual development with HanmiGlobal’s know-how in project management, as well as put efforts to help client companies successfully make profit through their data centers.”

The partnership comes as increasing tensions in Hong Kong risk its position as a key data center hotspot for the region.

Following the passage of a far-reaching national security law last year, Naver moved its data center out of Hong Kong, but there has yet to be a mass exodus.

This month, as further vaguely written laws threaten to impose severe penalties on those that release identifying information about individuals or organizations, US tech giants have reacted with alarm.

The Asia Internet Coalition, which includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple, said that the laws “not aligned with global norms and trends” in a letter to Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner.

“The only way to avoid these sanctions for technology companies would be to refrain from investing and offering their services in Hong Kong, thereby depriving Hong Kong businesses and consumers, whilst also creating new barriers to trade,” the letter said.

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