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Data centers consume 6.9 percent of the total energy used in Singapore, and they have a long way to go in getting more efficient, according to an Australian green consulting firm that just launched there.

The average power usage effectiveness (PUE) in Singapore is 2.6, significantly higher than industry best practice, said Bob Sharon, CEO of Green Global Solutions. at the Singapore launch of the consulting firm’s first overseas office. Given that so much of the tiny country’s energy is being used in the facilities, it might be well worth while improving on that. 

Official launch of Green Global Solutions in Singapore
Green Global Solutions launch, Singapore

The penalty of maturity

Singapore’s PUE is relatively high due to the maturity of the data center market here, compared to emerging countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, said Sharon, who plans to launch an expansion into Asia from his firm’s Singapore office.

Because data centers in Singapore tend to be older, they were built with less energy efficient equipment that may be a generation or two out of date, he explained.

Green Global is confident it can provide energy savings of between 40 and 70 percent, Martin Ciupa, the director of sales for the Asia Pacific region told DatacenterDynamics at the Singapore launch. The firm provide a service in which vendors are internally appraised and qualified based on the technical capabilities of their products and their customer-centric attitude.

Ciupa maintains that Green Global Solutions is vendor agnostic, but says the company will guarantee end-of-project outcomes with a money back offer should implementations selected from its “Genesis Eco-System” of vendors fall short.

Ciupa approved of the Singapore governmentt’s S$100M fund for green data center operations: “The Singapore Government has a progressive attitude towards maintaining its current lead as the Asia Pacific Hub city for data centers,” he said. 

Green Global is in contact with Singapore government agencies such as the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Economic Development Board (EDB) to draw upon applicable funds for its clients.

The company has already clinched its first contract with Aion Technologies Pte Ltd to conduct a feasibility study, Ciupa told us.

“We are delighted to be engaging with Green Global Solutions to undertake for us a feasibility study for our digital transformation plans,” said Warren Phee, the managing director of Aion Technologies. “We are experiencing strong growth in our Cloud/Managed Service offerings, and need a trusted advisor to give us input as to the best options, in particular those that are both energy efficient and sustainable.”