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The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) will use liquid cooling solutions provided by Green Revolution Cooling (GRC).

It is the first major liquid submersion contract won by GRC for 2014.

In late 2013 the cooling company won an award for most energy efficient high-performance supercomputer in the world, from the Green500 for its role in the engeering of cooling solutions for Tokyo’s Institute of Technology’s TSUBAME-KFC system.

Green Revolution Cooling’s founder and CEO Christiaan Best said its CaronJet liquid cooling solution was created to provide the lowest possible capital expenditure and operational costs for new build and retrofit data centers.

The company has previously worked alongside the US military supplying the US Department of Defense with data center containers where it can submerge its servers in oil for more efficient cooling.

A year-long test carried by Inte in 2012, which was keen to understand how submersion cooling, showed the servers can reduce IT and data center energy, and proved liquid cooling of servers can reduce power usage effectiveness (PUE) without damaging equipment.

It found the servers could run with a PUE of 1.02 to 1.03, which when compared to typical air-cooled servers - which run at an average of 1.6 - provides a compelling energy saving.