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According to a report on Computer Sweden, Google will be using sea water alongside recycled water to cool its first dedicated data center in a Nordic country in Hamina, Finland.
The search giant has already started construction of its new data center – a project that will see it turn a paper mill into a data center in a project worth US$260 million.
Google said it has paid particular attention to issues of sustainability with its design and will not use chillers, instead drawing its cooling from the Baltic Sea.
It has used a similar principal in its first chiller-free data center in Belgium.
Eighty-percent of its cooling will also run on recycled water.
The data center itself is expected to include two server halls, one of which will be at 86,110 sq ft.
Google announced its plans to build the center last year, initially saying it would invest $200 million on the site in South East Finland.
“We are looking at employing around 200 people in the building phase, and about 50 people when it is up and running,” Google Finland Country Manager Petri Kokko said,Reuters reported.
“We hope to have (the centre) at testing level by the first half of 2010.”