GE has adopted Dell’s Apex IT-as-a-Service to manage its on-premise private cloud.

Launched last October, Apex sees Dell offer control layer for on-premise, multi-cloud, and Edge deployments, allowing companies to manage multi-cloud deployment through one vendor and console.

GE currently uses an on-premise private cloud solution. Dell will now manage GE's IT infrastructure through the Apex system. The two companies said GE is using the Dell Technologies Apex portfolio to quickly rebalance workloads across its business units, and benefit from automated provisioning.

Through Dell’s Apex Data Center Utility, GE said it can scale up or down its data center, storage and compute resources on-demand, allowing GE to pay for what it uses.

“We need to have the ability to change as quickly as the world does regardless of whether we’re manufacturing a new jet turbine in Ohio or AI-based ultrasound technology in Bangalore,” said Nancy Anderson, CIO at GE. “With data centers around the world, we are working with Dell to create a consistent way to support all of our business units that ensures the right IT resources are making it to the right teams when they need them most.”

In May, Dell announced a partnership with Equinix, which sees storage technology deployed at data centers owned by the colocation firm and managed by Dell through the Apex offering.

“With APEX Custom Solutions, GE can drive automation and cost savings across its varied businesses and still maintain predictability by aligning its expenses with the business value received from the technology,” said Bill Scannell, president, global sales & customer operations, Dell Technologies.

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