German companies, Garbe and NDC Data Centers have joined up to form NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe. The new joint venture company already has two projects in the works to create facilities in Munich and Frankfurt.

The idea of their partnership is to streamline the process of acquiring land and then setting up data centers. With sustainability in mind, NDC Data Centers claims it can provide greener data centers by reducing the energy demand and carbon footprint while allowing for energy savings from cooling.

Frankfurt, Germany
– Thinkstopck / RudyBalasko

Planned expansion

The joint venture hopes to attract wider attention to its projects in Munich and Frankfurt so that it could expand across the continent.

Dr. Martin Wilderer, managing director strategy and business development of NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe, said: “The bundling of competencies in technology, real estate, energy market and management through a whole systems approach opens an amazing potential to not only deliver ultra-efficient data centers, but also deliver this fast and in a cost attractive manner.

“In combination with our efforts to digitize and modularize the supply chain, we are on a good path towards our vision of a data center on demand.”

NDC has a patented liquid cooling system which can remove up to 50kW per rack,which has been adopted at a facility co-owned by Swedish utility Skellefteå Kraft, DCD learnt earlier this year at the Energy Smart event in Stockholm.