Japanese multinational Fujitsu has revealed deployment plans for the OpenStack-based suite of cloud services it has codenamed ‘K5’. The K5 cloud platform can be delivered as a private cloud running either on-premise or hosted by the company, as well as public cloud with support for virtual private cloud.

K5 is currently only available in Japan, with the first dedicated European node coming to the UK this July, with further nodes coming to Finland in October, Germany in November and Spain in early 2017. Next year will also see K5 come to Singapore, Australia and the United States.

A collection of clouds

Source: Fujitsu – Fujitsu

K5 uses a partially open source architecture based on OpenStack - with the company becoming a Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation in 2015 - and should not be confused with Fujitsu’s other cloud services.

’Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5’ or simply S5 is a public cloud service built around security, while ’Fujitsu Cloud PaaS A5 for Windows Azure’ - or A5 - is operated in partnership with Microsoft and supported by a Japanese Fujitsu data center.

Speaking about K5, Duncan Tait, director and corporate executive officer and executive vice president, said that the service “enables customers to embrace digital transformation, by combining the economics of open source with the robustness of enterprise-class systems and a wealth of platform services. Fujitsu is making a significant investment in this new digital enablement platform and services which ensures that legacy systems can be fully integrated with cloud native applications.”