Ericsson has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with US wireless communications company SkyMax Network as part of a collaboration to build a 5G network for digital services across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The MoU will see Ericsson operate as SkyMax's partner for the network supply, rollout, and optimization and for managed services.

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As part of the partnership, Ericsson will pursue opportunities around radio access and mobile transport network solutions, plus core network and provisioning systems.

The Swedish vendor will also explore opportunities around business support systems and managed services such as software network optimizations and business consulting support.

Meanwhile, SkyMax plans to develop broadband networks in Sub-Saharan Africa through its 5G digital service delivery platform (DSDP). This service will provide network slicing, ultra-low latency, IoT, edge computing, cloud computing, cloud telephony, and network exposure function (NEF).

“SkyMax is committed to bringing solutions to the challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa, developing new services opportunities, and revolutionizing the data-centric market in the region," said SkyMax CEO and president Wilfrid Aissi.

SkyMax will share its 5G DSDP with incumbent service providers in the region through its network slicing technologies.

The company said industries tipped to benefit from its new network include energy and water supply management, telecommunications, transport, financial services, telemedicine (including remote surgery), e-agriculture, smart ports, remote mining, medical records management, connected cars, industrial IoT, immersive education.

To help with this SkyMax has also outlined plans to launch its own entrepreneurship development to develop its private 5G network for new markets and applications.

SkyMax will 'certify and train' service providers, individuals, and businesses.

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