Monet Submarine Cable investors have picked Equinix to provide US facilities and services for the cable’s landing station architecture.

The 60 terabit cable links Brazil’s Praia Grande and Fortaleza with the US city of Boca Raton in Florida and is expected to be completed in 2017 - a delay from its original completion date of 2016.

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Monet Cable Route
– Wikimedia Commons

Monet is funded by Google, Algar Telecom (Brazil), Angola Cables (Angola) and Antel (Uruguay), with Google also acting as the landing party in the US and Praia Grande, and Angola Cables as the landing party in Fortaleza.

The 10,556 km (6,560 mile) long cable will stretch from Brazil to Equinix’s MI3 International Business Exchange data center, which covers the greater Miami metropolitan area.

“The decision to locate Monet’s Florida cable landing equipment at Equinix Miami represents a promising new trend in submarine cable communications,” Tim Stronge, VP of Research at TeleGeography, said.

“For cable owners, the elimination of a separate cable landing station simplifies network design and offers future savings on upgrades. For cable users, termination at a multi-tenant data center with rich interconnection opportunities greatly eases onward transport.”

Ihab Tarazi, CTO of Equinix, added: “We are seeing strong demand from network, cloud and content customers looking to leverage our MI3 data center in Miami for access to the Latin American market.

“By offering direct connectivity to the Monet cable system and the possibility of a low latency route between São Paulo and Miami we can support the needs of key global customers looking to expand in the region.”

Equinix currently has 12 submarine cable projects announced, which are:

  • Southern Cross Cable Network (California - Sydney)
  • Aqua Comms (New York - London)
  • Hibernia Express (New York - London)
  • Cinia (Germany - Finland)
  • Trident (Australia - Indonesia - Singapore)
  • Globenet (Florida - Brazil)
  • Asia Pacific Gateway (China - Hong Kong - Japan - South Korea - Malaysia - Taiwan - Thailand - Vietnam - Singapore)
  • Hawaiki Cable Limited (US – Australia – New Zealand)
  • Gulf Bridge International (Middle East - Europe)
  • FASTER (US West Coast - Japan)
  • Seaborn Networks (New York - Sao Paulo)
  • Monet (Florida - Brazil)

Google is also involved in several submarine projects, including Faster, Faster’s extension, and a recently announced Brazilian subsea cable.