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Equinix is to open a 32,000 sq ft data center in Osaka – its first in Western Japan.

The first phase, with room for 320 cabinets is a US$12m investment. Once fully opened the site will carry 800 cabinets.
K-Opticom, an access provider in the Osaka/Kansai area and Kanden Energy Solutions (KENES) are working with Equinix. The site will open in Q4 2013.
The data center will connect to Dojima, the network core in Osaka. Equinix recently announced it would build a fourth IBX data center in Tokyo.

Osaka is Japan's second largest economy after Tokyo.

Equinix will offer bilingual support in Japanese and English. As a result OS1 will provide domestic and international customers with dedicated network connectivity services via multiple paths with high reliability.

Kenes will work with KEPCO (Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)
Shinji Maruyama, director, International Division, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Secretary General, Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC):
"Through the O-BIC, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry we have attracted foreign companies and invigorated Osaka. We welcome the opening of a new data center in Osaka City I am pleased that OS1 will be opened through cooperation between the public and private sectors."

Separately Equinix announced a partnership with CloudSigma, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider based in Zürich, Switzerland.

CloudSigma’s hybrid and public cloud hosting solutions have been deployed in the Zurich International Business Exchange campus and Washington (DC6) data centers.

The two companies will jointly market cloud and data center services to enterprise and government customers.

Bernino Lind, chief operating officer, CloudSigma, said: “CloudSigma is ambitions to expand its presence in Europe and North America, as well as newly emerging digital markets such as Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Asia Pacific.”