Energia Group subsidiary Huntstown Power Company is looking to build two data centers next to the Huntstown Power Station in Dublin, Ireland.

The company has filed for planning permission with Fingal County Council to build two data center buildings on 13.3 hectares of land adjacent to the Huntstown Power Station. The three-story buildings, known as Buildings A and B, would have a gross floor area of c. 37,647 sqm (400,000 sq ft) each. The site is currently greenfield and used for agricultural land.

energia -- huntsman.png
– Fingal County Council

Huntstown Power Company Limited is part of Irish energy firm Energia Group, and the Huntstown Power Station is a 742-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant in County Dublin. The plant can provide up to 20 percent of Ireland’s total energy needs. Energia is also developing a biogas plant on the site.

As well as demolishing two residential dwellings, the data center development would also include a 220kV substation, which the company is submitting plans for separately. The data centers would be built over a ten-year period. The company didn’t disclose the intended end-user(s) for the facilities.

The company filed for permission at the end of August but the council has requested more information on development before it grants approval. The proposed development site reportedly conflicts with the proposed Greater Dublin Drainage northern pipeline corridor, and so Energia was requested to engage with Irish Water on the issue. Further information around sightlines and road layouts along with more information around noise insulation were also requested, alongside a request for revised plans around aesthetics on the site’s eastern side.

According to filings, the company has been in discussions with the council about the development since 2020, but has since scaled back the design from three buildings to two based on feedback. Reports that Energia was considering data center development surfaced in February of this year; according to its annual 2020 report, the company has a 100 percent stake in Energia Data Centre Limited.

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