Game server orchestration platform Edgegap has launched a distributed relay network.

Edgegap locations
Edgegap global locations – Edgegap

The relay networks is using distributed cloud infrastructure which enables game developers worldwide to access more than 17 providers in 550 locations.

According to Edgegap, this has reduced latency by 70 percent compared to traditional peer-to-peer networking.

The relay system is compatible with popular open-source netcodes including Mirror Networking and Unreal Engine Networking to enable integration. There is also a simple API for studios with custom networks.

The platform offers a free tier and pay-as-you-go pricing model.

“Working with Edgegap during the beta launch of the network was a game-changer. As indie developers, time is one of our most precious assets. The all-in-one solution and seamless integration meant freedom from time-consuming backend development, and more resources to focus on doing what we do best: creating games that players will love.” said Kyle Haskett, CEO and Founder of Space Rats Studios.       

“This announcement marks a significant milestone for Edgegap as we expand our existing platform of orchestration and hosting solutions to include distributed relays," said Mathieu Duperre, founder and CEO of Edgegap. "We've worked closely with game developers every step of the way to ensure our relay network is perfectly tailored for multiplayer games - and this latest achievement means Edgegap is now truly a one-stop-shop for all gaming hosting needs.”

In February, Edgegap conducted a survey that found that 97 percent of respondents had experienced latency issues at some point, and 26 percent experienced them regularly. The ultimate impact of this is that 44 percent will stop playing and try again later, but 24 percent will quit and play something else.

Edgegap is a Canada-based Edge computing company that provides a managed platform based on containers working with clients including Alderon Games, Hiber, Matrioshka Games, Alderon Games, Triple Hill, and Whalefood Games. The company partners with Equinix, Pragma, ProudNet, Zebedee, Beyond, Akamai, AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr, AcceleratXR, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, PhoenixNAP, OVHcloud, Cox Edge, Brain Cloud, Go Logic, Red Hat, Sentient, and Stackpath for the distributed network solution.