Network edge data center specialist EdgeConneX has brought online its second data center in Atlanta, which it says was built to accommodate especially large and dense deployments.

The 15MW facility has triple the capacity of the company’s first data center on the campus, and could be expanded to offer a total of 21MW.

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EdgeConneX Atlanta render
– EdgeConneX

Cloud on-ramp provider Megaport is said to have deployed its servers in the new Atlanta data center, enabling access to cloud service providers in and around Georgia’s state capital.

“By expanding existing edge facilities and developing them into regional data center campus environments in markets like Atlanta and Miami, EdgeConneX demonstrates the rapid momentum of the Edge,” the company’s east coast general manager, Bryan Weeks, said.

“We will continue to expand our local edge footprint on a highly distributed global basis to ensure our customers can operate competitively in today’s latency-sensitive, highly proximate, data-driven market.”

Defining edge as an instance – i.e. capacity at the edge of the network – rather than by its size or location, is not unique to EdgeConneX, but the company is arguably one of the most advanced in this space. It has 31 data centers in North America and Europe, as well as a number of its Edge Small Cells and Edge PoPs.

It targets customers whose use cases for edge deployments vary, including cloud providers, content distribution companies, network and IoT providers.

The company is planning an entry into the South American market later this year with a data center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and says it will soon deploy another facility in Santiago de Chile.