Dell and Supermicro (SMC) are to provide the servers for Elon Musk’s xAI supercomputer.

The revelation comes just over two weeks after Musk first publicly announced the project.

xAI supercomputer
Photo posted by Michael Dell on X – Michael Dell

The provision was confirmed by both Musk and Dell chairman and CEO Michael Dell on X, formally Twitter, with the latter posting a photo of server racks accompanied by the message: “We’re building a Dell AI factory with @nvidia to power @grok for @xai @elonmusk.”

Musk confirmed that xAI was also partnering with Super Micro Computer, simply writing “SMC” in response to a user asking who was building the other half of the company’s ‘AI factory.’

No information about how the GPU clusters will be divided between the two companies has been shared.

The plans for what Musk has dubbed both “the world’s largest and most powerful supercomputer” and a “gigafactory of compute” were first unveiled earlier this month. Subject to local approval, the giant data center will be located in Memphis, Tennessee, and represent the “largest multi-billion dollar investment in the city of Memphis’s history," according to Ted Townsend, president of the Greater Memphis Chamber.

It has previously been reported that Musk wants the supercomputer to be up and running by the fall of 2025, with the Tesla, Twitter/X, and SpaceX CEO having previously claimed that xAI would deploy a 100,000 H100 liquid-cooled training cluster in the coming months, and another 300,000 GPU B200 cluster from next summer.

The machine will be used to power the next version of xAI’s Grok chatbot.

xAI is believed to currently rent around 16,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs from Oracle Cloud, while also using Amazon Web Services and spare capacity at X/Twitter data centers.

In May 2024, xAI closed a $6 billion fundraising round that valued the business at $24bn.